Mary and Joseph Walsh were one of the most successful and prominent African American families in the community of Macon, GA. Joseph Walsh, a successful lawyer and thereafter the pastor of the Greater Love & Peace Baptist Church with over 2,000 members. Mary Walsh, the mother of 2 exceptional children, Zion & Zina, were the highlight of her life. Then God blessed her with a granddaughter named Zoya. Mary was a firm believer of following God's word and she exemplified holiness. Whatever happened in the Walsh's home, stayed in the Walsh's home according to Mary. Joseph wore the pants in his house, and the robe in his church, however it was Mary that ruled everyone. Zoya is now being reared by her grandmother, and her life is under careful watch and control. Zoya loved the Lord with all her heart, and she took her faith in God very serious at a young age. Joseph taught Zoya the word of God at the early age of 3, and he knew that the calling on her life would change a generation. Zoya is next in line to inherit Greater Love & Peace Baptist Church. Mary is determined to groom Zoya into one of the most successful, and young female Pastors of her time. Mary was making sure that no one, not even God was going to get in her way. However, the control, lies, secrets and betrayal pushed Zoya away from Mary. Zoya ran away and makes New York City her new home, and prostitution becomes her new ministry. Will Zoya ever find God again in the midst of it all? The call to preach is greater than the call of the streets. The battle begins...