About Trevi Booker Pershay

The Projects Girl

Trevi Pershay a mother, wife, motivator, Pastor, community activist, sister, friends to many and a go getter.  Trevi grew up in the toughest neighborhood in East New York Brooklyn, NY  (Louis H. Pink House Housing Projects) and she is a survivor of her environment.  Trevi always felt that growing up in a rough environment does not stop her from becoming great.  Living in the Project was a daily reminder that if you didn't get shot, you were very fortunate.  The community was always in war with drug territories and who was the new king of the projects.  Trevi teenage years was difficult because so many of her friends were being killed through gun violence.  Trevi decided that this was not the kind of life she wanted to continue on living so with that determination she left the projects and neve moved back.  Trevi always wanted more for herself and through hard-work and great determination she continue to put her trust in God.


From Housing Project to Developing Projects:

Trevi says that she is no regrets in growing up in the projects because it made her who she is today.  After getting married and starting her family, Trevi came back to her community to make a difference.  Trevi knew that someone else needed a way out and she partnered up with True Worship Church in Brooklyn, NY under the leadership of the late Bishop Clearance Keaton.  As a active member and minister, Trevi developed projects to encourage others that there is a way out.  Trevi launched community theater, empowerment programs, dance programs, theater programs and career development services to the community.  Trevi knew that in her heart Something Good can come out of the Brooklyn Projects.


The projects didn't limit me it only enhanced me as an activist.



Becoming an Author

Trevi knew that she was a writer but never thought that she would publish a book.  Trevi has written over 13 plays for her community theater program and then God spoke to her and said write a book.  Trevi said she started writing a different type of church girl in 2004 and never did anything with it.  In 2018 she re-visited her book and God deposit all this information in her spirit to continue the project.  A Different Type of Church Girl is a book that was inspired by God to write about the battle of growing up in a very stern religious house.  No, Trevi says that is not how I grew up.  Trevi says that her mother was more liberal in allowing her to test different faith to find her own way.  Now that the book is out Trevi is getting so much positive feedback on the book that she is considering working on part 2, however, before she does that she will be working on her next book which she is currently writing.  My dream is to get some of my projects into Netflix, Pure Flex and some a few cable stations.  Trevi purpose in writing is to help someone find their voice, to inspire and uplift people in a bad situations.  Trevi is called the purpose pusher and she enjoys helping others find their gifts to share with the world.

The project didn't limit me it only enhanced me as an activist.